When Saying Yes Means No

Decisions, decisions, decisions. We are all faced with countless situations every day that we have to decide how we are going to handle. It could be something as small as what we are going to wear or what TV show we are going to turn on, or it could be something big like do I take this new job or do I move across the country.

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Worship Song Wednesday: I learned from you

Hi All! And Happy Wednesday!

This weeks song isn’t necessarily a “worship” song; it’s more of a dedication. It is to the man who raised me into the strong and independent woman that I am today; My Dad.  Continue Reading

Worship Song Wednesday: I’ll Keep On

I know I have missed the last couple of Wednesday’s, and that is exactly why I chose the song I did today.

We all go through periods in our lives that we just need a little encouragement. When things just aren’t exactly how we thought.

Nothing has been going wrong for me per say, I’ve just been exhausted. I’ve been in need of a break. In need of a little rejuvenation. A little pick me up.

And I think we all go through those times now and then. Life is full of ups and downs and that’s okay. Sometimes we need to just step back and take a break from the crazy schedules and the to do lists and trying to get everything done.

So this weeks song is called I’ll Keep On by NF. This song was popular a few years ago, but it still really speaks to me.

He is so honest and raw in this song about where he is at and I think that’s what I love the most. He’s not putting on an act or saying that everything is perfect just to seem put together on the outside.

He is real about his struggles and cries out to God in this song about what is going on. I think we all could use a little more of that in our lives.

I know that I’ve been struggling lately with doing the things I need to for God. I just got so tired and worn out and was struggling to find the energy to keep on.

So if you are finding it hard to put one foot in front of the other some days, then this song is for you.

Keep on. Keep digging deep. Keep looking to God for help. Keep going even if you’re not sure of the direction in which you’re headed.