Worship Song Wednesday: More Than Anything

Hey Everyone! Happy Wednesday. Half way through through the week. And this weekend is a long weekend…at least for some I hope!

This week I wanted to highlight a song that has really struck me.  From the first time that I heard it, it made me look at myself and my actions and want to do better.

That song is called ‘More Than Anything’ by Natalie Grant.

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A True Inspiration

This past weekend we did a little bit of traveling. We drove out to Albany, NY to see a friend of ours get ordained. We were on the fence about going, only because it is kind of a long drive and we have been on the road a lot lately, but we decided that it was important to go and support our sister in Christ on her big day.  Continue Reading

Worship Song Wednesday: Who Am I?

Last week I posted about a concert I attended at the Augusta Civic Center, and I’m going to write about it again this week because it is still on my mind.

The band I Am They opened the night and was really incredible, but the headliner for the night was Casting Crowns.  This band has been around for a long time and if you listen to Christian music you have probably heard one or more of their songs.  Continue Reading

Eating Disorders – It’s Not About the Food

Last week I overheard a conversation… I wasn’t eavesdropping I swear. I was sitting at the same table, just was part of a different conversation at the time.

Anyway, the conversation was about a councilor who specializes in women with eating disorders. Immediately my ears perked up because I am particularly sensitive to this subject. And the comment made was “That would be my version of hell, listening to women talk about their eating problems all day.” Continue Reading