3 Steps To A Miracle?

Scroll through the titles of your latest blog feed. Glance over the articles of your closest magazine stand. I bet you that there are at LEAST a few that have some sort of a number in them. “7 Steps to Bust Belly Fat.” “5 Things To Do To Raise A Well-Rounded Child.” “10 Things Rich People Do With Their Money.” Continue Reading

WWJS – Part 2

In my last post I talked about some of the attributes of the kingdom of God that we learn about in the Old Testament; perfect bodies, no death or sorrow, restored earth, peace with people and animals, love and acceptance among each other for eternity, just to name a few. Sounds like a pretty great place to live! It is definitely I place that I want to be able to experience and be a part of. I also want as many other people to be a part of it as possible. Continue Reading


Maybe you’ve all seen the acronym WWJD. It was pretty popular for awhile among Christians and was a symbol to remind them “What Would Jesus Do”. It challenged people to think about who Jesus was and how he acted during his time on earth. He was kind and compassionate to people, he healed the sick, he taught the lost, he helped the poor, he prayed to God; the list can go on and on.  Continue Reading

Irrational Fear

There has always been a worrier inside of me. A “worst-case-scenario” reel running though my mind. After my dad died, this worry that lived in me, became a full fledged fear. The worst-case scenario had come true. I saw my dad on Sunday and he died on Monday; no warning signs, no sickness, he just died. Someone I loved had died and there was nothing I could do about it. Continue Reading