If God Wants It To Happen…

This post might get a little heated. This subject hits close to home for me, so I apologize in advance if I get a little abrasive.

The other day I was having a conversation with a medical professional and we somehow got on the subject of my husband, Kenny, who has been paralyzed for almost 12 years from a snowmobile accident. We are strong believers that Kenny will walk again and I was explaining some of the things we have done to “do our part” in healing his body.  But this person said that me, “Well if God wanted it to happen, then He would have made it happen…” Continue Reading


What are you thinking about?

I remember having a sleepover with a couple of girlfriends in middle school and we kept “tracking” our conversation.  We were up in my bedroom splayed out on the floor and my bed talking about silly things that middle school girls talk about. We would get on these random topics and say “How did we end up talking about this?” And we would back-track our conversation and how one thing led to another and then another and then another and somehow – in our 12 year old brains – it all connected.  Continue Reading