What are you thinking about?

I remember having a sleepover with a couple of girlfriends in middle school and we kept “tracking” our conversation.  We were up in my bedroom splayed out on the floor and my bed talking about silly things that middle school girls talk about. We would get on these random topics and say “How did we end up talking about this?” And we would back-track our conversation and how one thing led to another and then another and then another and somehow – in our 12 year old brains – it all connected.  Continue Reading

Reflections on Father’s Day

I know, I know… you’re reading the title of my post and thinking ‘hunny you’re a day late and a dollar short.’ Well, actually I’m about two weeks late, but it has taken me some time to work myself up for writing this.

As you may know, my father died suddenly about 3 1/2 years ago. The thing about experiencing the death of someone close to you is that you expect it to get easier, or maybe less painful as time passes, because that’s what people say, right? Continue Reading

Treating the Symptoms Instead of Curing the Problem

Hi All! Sorry that it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Life sure does go by fast sometimes! I hope you all have been enjoying your summer so far. Anyways, here is a little something I’ve been working on for awhile…. Enjoy!

I had a friend who was recently in kidney failure. He was in need of a new kidney at the age of 29, and while he waited for this new kidney, he had to undergo dialysis to keep his blood filtered. He went to dialysis 3-4 times a week and although he could function this way for a while, he was not going to be cured of his ailment until he received a new kidney. Dialysis could treat the symptoms that were causing his body to not function properly, but it could not cure the problem. Continue Reading

3 Steps To A Miracle?

Scroll through the titles of your latest blog feed. Glance over the articles of your closest magazine stand. I bet you that there are at LEAST a few that have some sort of a number in them. “7 Steps to Bust Belly Fat.” “5 Things To Do To Raise A Well-Rounded Child.” “10 Things Rich People Do With Their Money.” Continue Reading