3 Steps To A Miracle?

Scroll through the titles of your latest blog feed. Glance over the articles of your closest magazine stand. I bet you that there are at LEAST a few that have some sort of a number in them. “7 Steps to Bust Belly Fat.” “5 Things To Do To Raise A Well-Rounded Child.” “10 Things Rich People Do With Their Money.” Continue Reading


Maybe you’ve all seen the acronym WWJD. It was pretty popular for awhile among Christians and was a symbol to remind them “What Would Jesus Do”. It challenged people to think about who Jesus was and how he acted during his time on earth. He was kind and compassionate to people, he healed the sick, he taught the lost, he helped the poor, he prayed to God; the list can go on and on.  Continue Reading

When Faith Gets in the Way

Having faith in God can be a tricky belief to navigate in today’s world. Christians are often labeled as hypocrites, judgmental, prudes, or uptight. When you tell people you are a Christian you are running the risk of getting all of those stereotypes thrown in your face.  I’ve had people roll their eyes at me, quickly disengage from conversation with me, or avoid me altogether. This can be hurtful and frustrating and sometimes it makes me want to just give up and not talk about God with others. Talk about sports or puppies or jobs – mindless chatter. Play it safe. It would be easier. More comfortable. Probably more fun. Right?  Continue Reading

How much is it worth?

I’m talking about your life. What is it worth to you?

Being married to a man who was injured in a snowmobiling accident, we tend to get to know a lot of other people who have similar injuries. It seems like we all congregate together, because in reality (Thank God) there isn’t an overwhelming amount of people who have spinal cord injuries. There is about 54 cases per million people in the United States or .000054%. Now here are some other facts that I discovered when I first started dating my husband.  Continue Reading

Hearing what others say

The other night I was out for dinner and drinks with some friends and I got talking to one of them about relationships; why they don’t always work, how things go wrong, what he is looking for, etc. As I was listening to him, I was praying and asking God to help me give this guy good advice. I kept praying and listening, but wasn’t getting anything. I finally came to the conclusion, that all he needed from me was for me to listen. Continue Reading