What I Should Have Said…

To my sweet friend who I saw at the craft fair yesterday,

You told me that you follow my blog and love to read it, so I hope you read this one and know who you are.

There were so many things yesterday that I wanted to say to you, when I learned of what you are going through. It made my heart break to see such an amazing and sweet woman have to face something so unfair and unbiased as cancer.  Continue Reading


The Hope of a Friend

Hi all! Sorry it’s been awhile… I have seriously had plans for 2 weeks now to sit down and write, and we have just had one thing after the other pop up and all of a sudden my day is gone.

But I am bound and determined today. I am about 20 minutes early for an appointment, so here I am sitting in my car, typing away on my phone.

A few weeks ago I got to see a friend that I don’t get to see very often. It had actually been so long that in between the last time I saw her, she had a miscarriage very late in her pregnancy. Continue Reading


Maybe you’ve all seen the acronym WWJD. It was pretty popular for awhile among Christians and was a symbol to remind them “What Would Jesus Do”. It challenged people to think about who Jesus was and how he acted during his time on earth. He was kind and compassionate to people, he healed the sick, he taught the lost, he helped the poor, he prayed to God; the list can go on and on.  Continue Reading